Golf can be comforting

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Because social distancing is naturally present and safe when you’re playing golf, we can expect that the golf scene will reopen as soon as government measures are relaxed. It’s good news for many of us, because last year, golf was the mostpractised sport in Québec.

Even though the restaurants, bars, reception rooms and tournaments were off limits, the number of 2020 golfers increased by 19 per cent against 2019 figures. It is encouraging and augurs well for the industry. The restrictions imposed on a number of activities in 2020 resulted in a wave of sports enthusiasts moving towards golf, which brought a younger customer group to the courses.

In addition to the loyal retired folks and those between 25 and 45 who are back with their families, there’s also a customer group of beginners of all ages who are discovering, not merely a safe sport, but one that suits the times because of its value chain. The current crisis is bringing us back – as is golf – to the essentials.

As I see it, the health measures have helped us create a new kind of bubble. On the one hand, we are all more conscious or our own bubble. And on the other hand, we are more respectful of the bubbles of others. Sports enthusiasts and keen golfers are well aware of these bubbles, because they are among the most important and fundamental aspects of our favourite sport.

It’s through awareness of and respect for this bubble that the true golfer comes to life and their mindset is created. It is so pleasant to play with your children, parents, grandparents, friends and even competitors when they all show ethical, respectful behaviour. This demonstration of a sense of citizenship helps us get back to our true nature, allowing us to be ourselves, enjoy the moment and be at our best.

And that, in these times, is comforting. I wish you good golfing and a fine season!


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