Are you a good player or a good sport?

If golf is a favourite sport nowadays for people of all ages, it’s because it teaches all the skills needed to be a good player as well as a good…

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Golf the world 

Breaking news! Mont-Tremblant now has over 137 new golf courses! While the Diable, Le Géant and Le Maître rank in the top 100 golf courses in Canada, they are now…

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Slow and steady wins the race

Aesop was right. Without being the tortoise in the fable, you can progress by taking small steps and in particular, by being steady in your efforts to develop your physical…

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Tips for hitting “bombs”

Like you, I love hitting bombs. I like being able to use every one of my 140 lbs by swinging without wasting energy. Besides, driving the ball an extra 15…

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The easiest stroke in golf

In contrast to what you may think, the easiest stroke in golf is not your fourth putt, but the sand trap shot close to the green. Before checking out whether…

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La proprioception au golf

Golf is a sport of sensory perceptions and reflex conditioning. Most of the time, the technique used by the player is based on their physical and athletic skills. Consequently, if…

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Getting to love golf

Your interest in golf shouldn’t be motivated by just one performance, particularly in the beginning. If it were that easy, I believe very few people would play, because very few…

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Mont-Tremblant golf scene changing significantly

The range of courses available to golfers has changed a great deal in the past year. Of the six Mont-Tremblant courses, four remain active: La Bête, Le Maître, the Diable…

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Golf can be comforting

Because social distancing is naturally present and safe when you’re playing golf, we can expect that the golf scene will reopen as soon as government measures are relaxed. It’s good…

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Golf is 90% mental and 10% mental

We all know that golf is a game of centimetres, and the most important ones are those between your two ears. Because of this, making good use of your mind…

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