May the force be with you

We all want to hit long and straight. Positioning and moving the body properly will definitely create forces that can be contained and expressed at the proper time for explosive…

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Jimmy Galbraith takes gold at Québec Games Young

Mont-Tremblant golfer Jimmy Galbraith and his Saint-Sauveur teammate Samuel Borget won an impressive victory during the Jeux du Québec on July 27. The two Laurentian golfers took the gold medal…

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A golf tournament in memory of Brayden

The first Brayden Odell AVM Awareness Golf Tournament, created make people aware of the unrecognized risks of arteriovenous malformation (AVM), raised $40,000 for the Fonds Brayden Odell (fund) of the…

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Conventional weight transfer? Forget it!

There’s a big difference between intentionally transferring your weight, and simply pivoting. The first tends to create a linear movement and an excessive hip sway. The second, the right way…

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Three exercises for improving without breaking a sweat

Side to side Stand with your feet shoulder width apart in front of a mirror so you can watch how you’re doing. This stance will help you establish a solid…

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The golfer’s concentration

Monks in mediaeval times experienced great difficulty in concentrating. And yet, concentration was their full-time job. Their technology was certainly different from ours, but their anxiety about distractions was the…

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Teed up for fun

Because the best things happen outside your comfort zone… Club in hand, I stood at the edge of Le Maître fairway on the opening day of golf season in Mont-Tremblant….

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Are you a good player or a good sport?

If golf is a favourite sport nowadays for people of all ages, it’s because it teaches all the skills needed to be a good player as well as a good…

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Golf the world 

Breaking news! Mont-Tremblant now has over 137 new golf courses! While the Diable, Le Géant and Le Maître rank in the top 100 golf courses in Canada, they are now…

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Slow and steady wins the race

Aesop was right. Without being the tortoise in the fable, you can progress by taking small steps and in particular, by being steady in your efforts to develop your physical…

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