Golf is 90% mental and 10% mental

We all know that golf is a game of centimetres, and the most important ones are those between your two ears. Because of this, making good use of your mind…

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Choosing an environment that suits your abilities

With all the golf courses – and the starting tees – available today, it’s easy to choose one that works with your strengths. Remember that the environment selected will be…

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One step follows another

Every year, company leaders bring their employees to me for advice before their game. It’s a clinic that everybody calls “Walk the Line”. Quite often, 200 players are invited and…

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Your golf game will come out a winner

Current measures force us to modify the way we approach life. However, we can open ourselves to new opportunities and I sincerely believe that if we apply some basic rules,…

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Golf and Covid-19

In golf, it’s important to keep an open mind, or how could we deal with the many paradoxes and contradictions that are part of the game? There are numerous examples:…

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Young golf prodigy: Jimmy Galbraith

Jimmy has evolved on Le Maître golf course since he was “knee high” to a grasshopper. On the course, with almost-feline grace, he shows that he’s utterly in his element….

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“You drive for show but putt for dough,” said Bobby Locke. He certainly knew how to use the straight iron because he won 74 international victories, including four British Open…

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Curve your way on the golf course

There are many beautiful golf courses in Québec and when we end up playing courses such as le Diable and le Géant, some interesting challenges will confront us. You will…

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Bounce is your friend

After discussing last month’s surprising enemy (power), it’s now time to introduce one of your better friends, the bounce. The bounce is the measurement of the curvature of the sole of…

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Why golfers talk to their ball?

“Bite!” “Go hard!” “Get legs!” “Carry!” “Sit down!” “Kick right!” “Curve!”  Golfers of all levels talk to their ball. There are a lot of shouting demands, not always expressed gently,…

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