Sleep for better energy, healthy weight and more!

In the next few months, almost everything that lives in nature will go into “sleep mode’’ to refuel before next spring. For humans, sleep becomes even more important at this…

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A strong immune system

Temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter, and we are all doing our best to stay healthy and avoid being stuck in bed with a box of tissues. Here…

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Autumn: what a great time to set your personal goals!

Here are five tips that will help you get closer to your goals and live a happy and motivated life this season! 1. Start taking action by doing something specific…

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Is your Hunger making you Hangry?

It’s the end of your work day; you’re tired and hungry. On your way home you stop at a grocery store to pick up something for dinner. Everywhere you look,…

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Coming back to our roots

In these changing times, it is essential that we take a moment to slow down and reflect on what is going well and what needs to shift. Connecting with ourselves…

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Is the water we drink really good for us?

Warmer weather often reminds us of a good habit, namely, to drink more water. Before going any further on the subject, let’s go back to the basics. Water is a…

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The importance of hydration for our overall health

Our human bodies are made up mostly of water. On average, water constitutes 60 per cent of the total weight of our body, going up to 83 per cent in…

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Spring cleaning… yourself!

Physically, emotionally and environmentally, we all need a spring clean-up! Like a tree after winter, we strive for energy to “rebirth” when spring season comes around. Here are seven steps…

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Can stress be good?

We usually don’t brag about being stressed. In fact, many of us dream of living lives that are as “stress-free” as possible. But is that really a good goal? Stressful,…

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Nature, your best friend for your overall well-being

At a time when technology reigns supreme and many people find it difficult to spend even a single hour without the often-unnecessary stimulation of their “smart” phone, we must find…

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