Being bad at something new

I’am a terrible skier. I can’t speed skate. I suck at hockey. I am the worst trail biker. How do I know these things with certainty? Because I have never…

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Mélanie Turgeon: From yesterday’s successes to today’s

Mélanie Turgeon was a real icon of Canadian alpine skiing in the ‘90s and 2000s, but then she had to “rebuild her toolbox”, as she nicely puts it. Today she…

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Responding to the health crisis by adapting and innovating

All too often, we take our way of doing things for granted. It works well and we don’t second guess ourselves. And everything does go well, as long as everyone…

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One run at a time

On December 17, we learned that we would be able to continue training. Groups of eight young skiers can be supervised by a coach at the Club de ski Mont-Tremblant…

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Skiing while practising public health measures

What will this ski season bring? It will most probably be marked by the use of healthrelated measures never before seen. However, if there’s one sport that you can enjoy…

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Seven days of skiing

I’am on the plane. We’re flying back from Sun Peaks, British Columbia. We have just completed a fantastic ski camp. I learned this morning that British Columbia has just limited…

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New horizons for Mont- Tremblant cross-country skiing

For its 46th birthday, Ski de fond Mont- Tremblant (SFMT) is giving itself a whole new playground at the Manitou golf course. It’s a big change for the organization, which…

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Lucile Wheeler: the Mont-Tremblant sparkplug who inspired generations of women skiers

Born on January 14, 1935, in Saint-Jovite, Lucile Wheeler started to ski at the age of two. Not surprising, as her father, Harry, owned Gray Rocks ski resort. It was…

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Is alpine skiing an essential service?

Looking back over recent months, we can see that having young people stop their sports activities is very harmful both physically and mentally. It’s well known that our body secretes…

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The 24h Tremblant becomes 100 per cent virtual

The 24h has had to review the format of its fundraising event and is this year setting a sports challenge to be met at a distance. Teams of two to…

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