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We still have nature

Have you had the opportunity to walk outside in the wilds lately? Its peace is calming and it lets us re-centre, fill our lungs with clean, fresh air and charge…

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Pick up that peel

By Jeff Swysten Hiking’s simple rule is this: leave only footprints. I like to add: try to avoid that, too. Often I see people avoiding a puddle, thereby widening the…

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One run at a time

On December 17, we learned that we would be able to continue training. Groups of eight young skiers can be supervised by a coach at the Club de ski Mont-Tremblant…

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Hiking to the most beautiful mountaintops

Fall is a paradise for hikers. With a choice of trails as impressive as this, you’re bound to find the one for you. From easy-peasy to difficult, for little legs…

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Camping in Mont-Tremblant National Park

A tradition for 60 years For many outdoor lovers, sleeping under the stars is a tradition handed down from generation to generation. For more than 60 years, the park has…

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Cycling tips from a late bloomer

“On your left” Like spring this year, I am a late bloomer. Just as we enjoy the explosion of life and colour when a tardy spring finally arrives, exploring new…

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That spring feeling

Spring is always very pleasant for both recreational and competitive skiers. It’s warmer, the sun is stronger and the barbecues are showing up pretty well everywhere. Young competition skiers have…

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An adventure in bushwhacking

Because nothing grows in the comfort zone, I put snowshoeing on my agenda. For someone whose past winters resemble those of a hibernating black bear… this is progress. I chose…

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Snowshoeing in the footsteps of the last Ice Age

We never tire of them: the Laurentians provide magnificent vistas. But imagine donning your snowshoes in the mountains a few million years ago when they were as high as the…

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Mont-Tremblant National Park: an extraordinary trail network

Until quite recently, I was firmly in the “I hate winter” camp. The slush, the freezing rain and ice, the cold, rising earlier to de-ice the car, shovelling, more de-icing,…

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