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Club de golf Le Maitre. ©Gary Yee (garyphoto.ca)

Because the best things happen outside your comfort zone… Club in hand, I stood at the edge of Le Maître fairway on the opening day of golf season in Mont-Tremblant.

A beginner’s dream day

A magnificent spring day. A gorgeous 260-acre championship golf course designed by Masters champion Fred Couples. Nature and beauty as far as the eye could see. Three supportive friends to round out a foursome. And a seasoned pro by our side.

Not a bad way to take my first step onto a golf course.

The setup

Erik Laframboise, director of operations of Le Maître, is passionate about the sport of golf and generous in sharing his knowledge. It’s a bonus that he’s married to one of my best friends, and a one up that he agreed to give us a private lesson. With the exception of his wife Jennifer, Erik had three newbies on his hands. Although, as the afternoon wore on, I became convinced that Jacynthe Martin might have previously spent some time on the back nine…

Erik started us at the driving range. Step one. Understand the correct setup. Stance, posture and grip. Every player, regardless of skill set, can learn to have a good setup. As long as we stood still – we were Tiger Woods. Wendy Allen could easily have passed for Brooke Henderson. Then we practised our swing. This is where experience and a skill set honed over time comes into play. This is where we needed some serious practice. Silver lining? As a beginner in any sport, there’s no place to go but up.

Not my grandfather’s game

What I know about golf could, quite literally, be written atop a tee. However, what I learned in one afternoon changed my opinion of the sport. As we practised our swings at the driving range, Erik shared that today’s golf game has evolved over time. It is not the same game my grandfather played when I was a toddler.

Golf is much more a power game than it was before. People are getting fit, and staying fit, so that they can play golf better. Indeed, many of the golfers I saw on opening day, I had seen on the training floor this past winter working on strength and conditioning. Those long beautiful drives on opening day came from some serious core strength.

Under par

Opening day of golf season in Mont-Tremblant was a pleasure to remember. Sharing the day with good friends made the new experience even better. Regardless of all the whiffed balls, we had so much fun. We were outdoors. We exercised. We tried, and enjoyed, a new sport. We toasted our afternoon with a celebratory drink on the spacious Clubhouse deck.

With our spectacular view of the course, the waterfall and the neighbouring mountains, we had the perfect end to a delicious afternoon. We came in well under par in all the aspects that count. And… began plotting our next adventure, outside the comfort zone.


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