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An inspiring man: Yves Bienvenue

When I became part of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team in the winter of 60/61, I naively believed that we would be a key factor on the international scene. Our…

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Latent defects and the legal warranty of quality

Here are some important principles regarding latent defects. A defect is not automatically covered by the legal warranty of quality (the warranty). It must meet four conditions: it must be…

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Demystifying hormone therapy

What is hormone therapy, and how does it work? Hormone therapy is a medical treatment whose goal is to restore physiological hormone levels in the body. Its most frequent use…

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The majestic bald eagle

We humans are fascinated by the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), with its majestic presence and its identification as a symbol. In fact, the United States has made it its national…

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Give your swing a boost

When I am working with students on implementing solid fundamentals, those who emphasize distance over accuracy not only hit it longer, they hit it straighter. By free-wheeling it, they are…

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Septembre : gratitude pour cette générosité de la nature

September: gratitude for nature’s generosity You have tended your vegetable garden and fruit trees all summer; now, finally, it’s time to enjoy the results. But it’s also time to prepare…

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The fruit of his labour

Michele Chiarlo Palas Barolo 2018 Due to climate change, every vintage is a new adventure. This determined “Ironman“of his terroir transforms his harvest into happiness in your glass…the fruit of…

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Hodgepodge happiness

Conceived during the pandemic, the Thalontri is a swim, bike, run, walk, hike, snack, nap mixed-bag event. Basically, a triathlon-plus, all out of order, with an enormous amount of silliness…

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Embrace autumn on the run

As our landscape prepares to unveil its rich autumn colours, trail running is the perfect activity for observing the breathtaking change of seasons. Trail running can be as simple as…

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Athletes In Transition project: Xavier Desharnais (part one)

This is the next instalment in the series called Athletes in Transition Project (ATP). These articles result from my informal discussions with some of our star athletes of the Laurentians:…

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