Embrace autumn on the run

As our landscape prepares to unveil its rich autumn colours, trail running is the perfect activity for observing the breathtaking change of seasons. Trail running can be as simple as…

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Savouring summer

In August, we enjoy the last month of our short, magnificent summer in the Laurentians. Have you savoured summer to the fullest? What’s in your bucket? To maximize the rest…

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Strength and longevity

Science has shown us that strength is the foundational key to improving our lifespan and increasing how healthy we are during our life. The reality of aging We lose approximately…

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Spring into running Spring

It’s that heady time of year that every runner keenly anticipates. New shoes. New goals. New finish lines to reach. Run strong The runners I coach have been strength and…

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Fitness adaptations

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality,” urged the Dalai Lama XIV. Andy Galpin, Ph.D., has been a professor of kinesiology at California State University since 2011,…

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Weighing in on race weight

With triathlon and running season approaching, let’s take a look at the importance to the endurance athlete of making informed food choices and developing healthy eating habits. Lean down to…

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A focus on fitness

If you want to be more fit, focus on these simple suggestions. Set multiple goals Set long-term and short-term goals. If your goal is to run a 10K, start with…

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The weight of breathing

As we enter a new year, the most common resolutions are to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. Can the way you breathe affect weight loss? If you answered yes,…

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The Holiday Fitness Challenge

Fabulous festivities, scrumptious meals, family parties, and what seems like an endless parade of social events. The year-end holiday season is full of commitments to family and friends. This December,…

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Protecting your knees

The brisk air of October just begs us to spend more time mountain hiking or trail running. Taking care to protect your knees as you climb, and as you descend,…

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