Green thumb

Okay…now what?

So, it’s late summer, and your veggie garden is going bonkers. You have more carrots and beets than you know what to do with…in fact, maybe you aren’t sure what…

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Deer time!

Summer would just not be summer without a rant from me about our destructive, voracious, but annoyingly picturesque deer. Lists of “deer-resistant” plants abound. In general, however, they are far…

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What is “Sun”?

When we choose plants, one basic question is:  sun or shade? That should be easy to answer, but many people get it wrong and are disappointed by a plant’s performance…

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Yes, it is the end of the world as we knew it. So, the logical thing to do is to grow your own tomatoes, plus maybe some lettuce and a…

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The beauties of Allium

Allium is very stylish these days, and if you can still find them, now is the time to plant. They are, of course, ornamental garlic!  We all know what a…

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That pre-fall cleanup

It’s September, in one of the loveliest seasons in Mony-Tremblant. But let’s be honest: by now, your garden may be looking a little shabby, and the bedraggled few will take…

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Tree time

August is a good time to sit outside, take it all in and relax. As you relax, take the time to look up…way up.  Or out.  At your trees, because…

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Ferns and fronds

When I first heard that ferns were part of landscape plans–over 20 years ago–my first thought was…what? Why would someone want to buy something they can see in the woods?  (We…

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Love the one you’re with!

As many of you know, I spend most of the school year in the West, coming back and forth through the spring and then for the whole summer.  Thanks to…

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Northland is 30 y/o!

Well, I don’t usually toot our horn in this column, but…it’s our 30thanniversary!  The legend is real.  Northland was started thirty years ago by me, Laura Scully, with a wheelbarrow…

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