Green thumb

Septembre : gratitude pour cette générosité de la nature

September: gratitude for nature’s generosity You have tended your vegetable garden and fruit trees all summer; now, finally, it’s time to enjoy the results. But it’s also time to prepare…

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Enjoying your herbs all year round

Harvesting The harvesting should be done as soon as the plants are well rooted and leafy. By undertaking a morning harvest – before the sun is too far up –…

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Your July horticultural calendar for a beautiful garden

Your “To Do” list if you want to admire your garden without stressing too much   Irrigation and watering It’s important to maintain soil humidity at all times. Make sure…

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Mont-Tremblant, a city that cares about monarch butterflies

Twenty years ago, there were more than a billion monarch butterflies worldwide. Less than a decade later, the number had fallen dramatically to 35 million in around 2014-2015. The National…

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Outdoor living is totally on-trend

For the past few years, outdooring has been popular and now, more than ever, we want to create a thoroughly pleasant outdoor environment. So just what are the trends for…

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A crunchy bite of happiness

Bring a fresh spring breeze into your home and take a good bite. Develop your own seedbeds and have them germinate in the warmth of your residence. You can choose…

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Hello, all!

No list this time, just a big thank you to you, to Tremblant Express, and to the Mont-Tremblant area. The new team at Northland is going to share its “Green…

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10 things you didn’t know about deer

Deer are essentially the charming homewreckers of the ecosystem. Don’t believe me? Read on. A natural regrowth forest has many strata of growth: flowers, ferns, perennials, annuals, shrubs, plus trees…

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Managing water

1. Water travelling fast will go exactly where it wants to go. 2. Fast water is like a person in crisis, or an angry toddler trying to go where they…

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Two top fives for summer: grass, and colour

Summer grass Your lawn won’t care that it rained non-stop in June. Grass has a short memory. (Grass pun!) If your grass is turning a weird dark green, it’s stressed…

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