Green thumb

Hello, all!

No list this time, just a big thank you to you, to Tremblant Express, and to the Mont-Tremblant area. The new team at Northland is going to share its “Green…

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10 things you didn’t know about deer

Deer are essentially the charming homewreckers of the ecosystem. Don’t believe me? Read on. A natural regrowth forest has many strata of growth: flowers, ferns, perennials, annuals, shrubs, plus trees…

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Managing water

1. Water travelling fast will go exactly where it wants to go. 2. Fast water is like a person in crisis, or an angry toddler trying to go where they…

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Two top fives for summer: grass, and colour

Summer grass Your lawn won’t care that it rained non-stop in June. Grass has a short memory. (Grass pun!) If your grass is turning a weird dark green, it’s stressed…

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Laura’s top ten tips for annuals  

1. Think short-term, for the win. Buy the annuals: enjoy the pop of colour all season. 2. Own the decision and buy the larger format. Bigger baskets/plants mean better results…

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Laura’s top ten spring gardening tips

Everyone seems to like lists these days, so here are Laura’s top ten spring gardening tips. A good spring cleanup will set the tone for your season. Rake, blow, clip,…

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Landscaping and maintenance for condo owners and others

Whether you just moved here, have bought a weekend place or are changing to a different property, we’re glad you are here! The landscaping (and possible maintenance) must have influenced…

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Floods, fires and pestilence

Landscape pests: chinch bugs and borers and scales and… Lawn It starts with patches that look like dog urine marks (but …no dog!) which join together. Result: patchy, ugly, dead…

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Let’s start by debunking a few myths. First, strange but true, the fact that rain is forecast does not mean you can count on it. If you have plants and…

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No-excuse composting

The Ville recently did a compost-sharing day, giving out the compost produced by their “Bac Brun” program. Great initiative! The David Suzuki Foundation says that 18 per cent of methane…

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