Green thumb

What a season!

Here in the Laurentians we have some gardening challenges. One of the big ones is our hardiness zone (3b or 4a). The hardiness zone is established based on the lowest…

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The ‘Wow’ season

At this time of year, I find myself going around and saying ‘Wow’ a lot. Take advantage of it! When you see things that make you go ‘Wow’, horticulturally speaking…

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“Oh Deer!” Chapter 2

Anyone who has read my articles over the years knows how I feel about deer. “Yes, of course, but you’re a landscaper,” you might say, and you would be right….

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Retail therapy

Moving on from the philosophy of the pursuit of happiness…to shopping: part of the fun of spring gardening is engaging in a little retail therapy. As a savvy shopper, there…

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There are many spring magazines and articles that talk about landscaping trends. But there is one thing I have really learned in 30 years of landscaping and gardening: if your…

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Channeling your inner Kindergartener

Wait, what? It’s only April, I am still skiing…time to think spring? Well yes, if you want to try starting some seeds indoors. Here is a basic primer on the…

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Reduce, reuse…

What a beautiful September! Our weather has been about a month out of sync for several years now. Spring has been late, but summer is lasting into what we think…

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There was an article recently in the local weekly paper about the ‘arrival’ of Japanese knotweed in this area. Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica var. japonica, or Fallopia japonica) (Renouée du…

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Evaluating landscape balance

Spring is the top time for landscaping and gardening. So, while you’re interested…have a good look around. Stand back and really look at the main areas that you see the…

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