The ‘Wow’ season

At this time of year, I find myself going around and saying ‘Wow’ a lot. Take advantage of it! When you see things that make you go ‘Wow’, horticulturally speaking of course, take a minute to note the elements that make you happy.

Sometimes it can be the pure zing – or Zen – of well-placed colour, or the interplay of shades in a planting. Maybe it is the textures that catch your eye – there are some interesting silver foliage plants, or it can be a combination of smaller and larger leaves of different hues and shapes. Ornamental grasses are coming on strong in August and through the fall, and the graceful movement of a nicely executed mass planting can be remarkable. Maybe it is the hardscaping? A nice patio or inviting fire pit can lead your imagination to delightful dreams of relaxation.

Unfortunately, this can also be the time of year when you look around and say ‘Wow…’, as in, you were hopeful, but it is now clear that things aren’t working. The deer may have expanded their menu or range once more so your daylilies no longer flower, or your bushes are looking a little too well trimmed. If that is the case, life is too short to live with underperforming plants or areas of your landscape that are weak or poorly balanced.

Plan now for future projects. September is the perfect time for a planting reno as you can still see the ‘bones’ of the garden, or even for something as basic as topdressing your lawn. And don’t wait for spring to get in touch with a landscaper if you have a project in mind – like restaurants at Christmas, the good ones book up early.

I hate to suggest taking yet another picture in our era of compulsive selfie and photo snapping, but a quick shot of ‘Wow’ elements, positive or negative, on your property or elsewhere will give you a good basis to work from when you are ready to change things up. If you love something you did, even better; the picture will remind you for next year. Make your ‘Wows’ – good or bad – work for you!


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Diplômée de l’Université de Guelph en horticulture, Laura Scully est cofondatrice et copropriétaire de Northland, entreprise tremblantoise d'aménagement paysager maintes fois primée. Elle partage son savoir horticole avec les lecteurs du Tremblant Express depuis 2009. / A University of Guelph graduate in horticulture, Laura Scully is the cofounder and co-owner of Northland, the Mont-Tremblant landscaping company that has won so many titles and awards. She has been sharing her knowhow with Tremblant Express readers since 2009.


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