Dave Jacobs (first part)

Today I’ll tell you about a man from the ski world whose life was influenced by his time at Mont-Tremblant, and who, by example, also had a great influence on…

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Athletes in Transition Project: Xavier Desharnais (second part)

This is the final episode in the ATP series (Athletes in Transition Project) and the second part of the interview with Xavier Desharnais, retired from the professional open water swimming…

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Cardiovascular diseases: understand, prevent and act

Cardiovascular diseases represent the second most frequent cause of death in Canada after cancer. Understanding these diseases, their risk factors and preventive measures is essential to reducing their prevalence and…

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The importance of a notarial will

Why make a will? A will is an essential document to ensure that your wishes are respected in the event of your death. By drafting a will, you can minimize…

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Strawberry and rhubarb mojito

Categories: Meal type: Hors d’œuvre, cocktails, buffet Dietary restrictions: vegetarian, easily vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free Season: spring, summer Yield: 12 servings; 2 cups syrup | Preparation time: 35 minutes | Cooking…

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Bad gardening tips

Generally, articles about gardening offer well-honed advice on how to grow luscious, blooming, outdoor plants.  You’ll read about flower choices, suggested sunlight exposure levels, and perhaps tips on soil and…

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Finding strength in function

Traditionally, strength training is broken down by muscle groups, trained in isolation. Monday is chest day. Tuesday is back, biceps, abs and forearms.  Wednesday is leg day. Repeat. However, a…

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Miracles, a well-being retreat over three days at Tremblant

The first iteration of this event which focuses on well-being – held last June at the Fairmont Tremblant hotel – was highly successful. A second such event is planned and…

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The cyclist’s positioning: the key to cycling comfort

Fear of discomfort or pain discourages many people from cycling. And yet, few people know the importance of positioning, in which the art and science of adjusting all the bicycle’s…

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Gardening by the moon: myth or reality?

In this year 2024, marked by the total solar eclipse of April 8, our attention and curiosity have been piqued by the forces of the universe and our interconnection. Speaking…

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