The photographer’s eye

Impassioned by the joy of skiing, the Mont-Tremblant area and all it’s had to offer since the ‘90s, Gary Yee is a visual storyteller for the sports, events and lifestyle…

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Club de Ski 100 years

By Garry Rae In 1967, Canada’s Centennial year, a group of male ski enthusiasts at Mont-Tremblant got together to form a ski club called “Le Club de Ski 100 years”,…

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Our winter playground

Mont-Tremblant is a four-season playground where nature provides an endless array of activities. Winter, though, is by far my favourite season to play outside. Healthier and happier outdoors Spending time…

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Are all fats bad for you?

For decades, we were told that fat was bad. In the ’90s, North Americans were consuming low-fat, high-sugar snacks and refined carbohydrates daily. After further research, it became clear that…

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On the edge

Ice skating is an iconic Canadian sport. It is breathtaking in its beauty. And while I have always found it awe-inspiring to watch, I have never tied on a pair…

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The snowbound snowshoe hare

The survival of the North American hare is closely linked to the presence of snow, as are its other common names: varying hare and snowshoe hare. The pelt of this…

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The Village sector and its citizens deserve much more

Sacrifice personal interests In January I already wrote this month’s first message about our community spirit. “The foundation of a community spirit requires the adherence of the greatest number and…

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The Richer family: close to a century of involvement

The Mont-Tremblant region as we know it is the result of actions, decisions and risks taken in the past by courageous, hard-working and determined individuals. The history that follows is…

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Pick up that peel

By Jeff Swysten Hiking’s simple rule is this: leave only footprints. I like to add: try to avoid that, too. Often I see people avoiding a puddle, thereby widening the…

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Remembering the rope tow

By Jeff Swystun Before magic carpets moved tottering children gently up bunny slopes, or highspeed quads whisked thrill-seekers to towering summits, there was the humble rope tow. Until it was…

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