ICI Skis: made for Eastern North America

Stéphanie Hoolahan and Sébastien Turgeon, accomplished skiers, former racers and champions of the Canadian ski team, tested for us on the Tremblant slopes a range of “ICI” skis by Jasey-Jay…

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Celebrating winter in Brébeuf

This month, the Carnaval de Brébeuf will host its 50th anniversary event. From February 3 through February 12, Brébeuf will mark a half-century of celebrating winter. The community will rejoice…

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For the future of the caribou

The caribou, featured on our 25-cent coin, is in danger. In Québec, there are three ecological species (subspecies) of this northern cervid: the barren-ground caribou (of the tundra), the woodland…

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The weight of breathing

As we enter a new year, the most common resolutions are to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. Can the way you breathe affect weight loss? If you answered yes,…

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Gilles Cadieux: the committed teacher

There are a number of arenas across Québec and, for the most part, they bear the name of their town, a politician, a hockey player or a famous skater. In…

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Promising transition for Landmark Passivhaus

Founded in 2013 by Jim Iredale, certified designer of passive houses, the Mont-Tremblant business Landmark Passivhaus – formerly Landmark, founded in 1987 – recently changed hands. Its new owner is…

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Swimming to success

The Club de natation Mont-Tremblant (CNMT) swim club is making waves at the Complexe aquatique Mont-Tremblant (CAMT). In the 120-member-strong community club, goals are being set, met and exceeded. Goal…

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A takedown for the new year

If your New Year’s resolution includes getting outside your comfort zone, step onto the jiujitsu mat. The term “jiu-jitsu” is derived from the Japanese “Ju” meaning “gentle” and “Jutsu” meaning…

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Grape vines like heat

Domaine du Mas Neuf La Terrienne 2021 There are heat waves every year in southern climes. The trick is to have a grape that meets the conditions for sugar/acidity balance…a…

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100 days of cross-country skiing for a good cause

As a yoga instructor, Mélisande Turpin has to promote herself regularly on the social media. In order to give back to the community, the young woman is sharing her visibility…

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