Mont-Tremblant’s Holiday Market

The Marché des Fêtes de Mont-Tremblant will be held in the front part of city hall on November 26, 27 and 28. The event will provide a showcase for more…

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A man with a true passion for skiing

Conrad Guay passed away on October 7 at the age of 82. He was best known for his coaching career and the careers of his three sons, and his love…

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Hamstrung by hamstrings

Dealing with injuries is a harsh reality for almost any athlete. No matter how careful you are, injuries happen. How you care for an injury determines whether the issue is…

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Sleep for better energy, healthy weight and more!

In the next few months, almost everything that lives in nature will go into ‘’sleep mode’’ to refuel before next spring. For us humans, sleep becomes even more important at…

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The Mont-Tremblant area in living colour

Every season has a special beauty in the Laurentian Mountains, but nothing beats the vibrant colours of fall. Especially when seen from a mountain top. Add the bonus that all…

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Maskomicic: The man who invites us to create our own rituals

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of talking with Fernand Niquay, whose Atikamekw name is Maskomicic (pronounced Maskomishish), which means “Ice crystal”. The close relationship he has with…

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New businesses to check out in Mont-Tremblant: The fishmonger Ô Capitaine

Gradually, new businesses are opening their doors, offering experience and know-how. Seasoned entrepreneurs or young enthusiasts are the next generation to add to the mix and to our enjoyment. The…

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Territoires des Amériques

  360° immersive film about the art of René Derouin From October 2 to 31, the immersive film Territoires des Amériques will be presented in the dome erected in Mont-Tremblant’s…

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Breathing at the top of the mountain

The association of hiking and yoga seemed completely natural and it was this kind of thinking that led Ève Brasseur to launch Excursion Yoga. She had deepened her experience of…

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Landscaping and maintenance for condo owners and others

Whether you just moved here, have bought a weekend place or are changing to a different property, we’re glad you are here! The landscaping (and possible maintenance) must have influenced…

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