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“People don’t buy houses, they buy homes. They shop around with logic but they make an offer based on emotion.” Real estate listings are mostly occupied by the seller until the property is sold. However, many homeowners have already moved out prior to listing with a broker. Rarely do they leave behind their furniture and personal décor. The vacant home is left with its bare bones and nothing more.

Have you ever noticed how property developers market their projects with a model home or condo? They bring in professional stagers to showcase their investment. The same concept applies to listing a vacant private property. Nine out of ten buyers are not visual. When a potential buyer visits an empty listing, they cannot envision themselves living in a space that is stark and devoid of emotion.

Without a point of reference, it is challenging for the buyer to gauge the size and scale of an unfurnished room. Staging is an essential element that helps the buyer emotionally connect to a master bedroom or a gourmet kitchen and the placement of their own furnishings. If you are selling a vacant property, keep in mind that an empty home easily shows its wear and tear.

Buyers scrutinize the condition of the walls, flooring and fixtures when there is nothing else to capture their attention. A staged “vacant” will draw the buyer’s attention away from the imperfections and redirect their focus to the selling features. Potential buyers often look for a reason to put less money on the table. Don’t give them one.

Take the time to get your vacant property market-ready. A professionally staged listing will benefit the seller, the buyer and the broker. The ultimate goal is to showcase your investment to its full potential.


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