Aggressive driving


Every one of us has probably lost patience at the wheel at some time. Maybe it was a slightly too slow driver in the left lane, or a too impatient driver who seemed to want to climb into your trunk, but stress and tension when driving are all too real.

How should you react?

A good driver should check their rear view mirrors regularly. If you see that a vehicle is following you too closely, let them pass. If letting them pass you is not an option, maintain your speed and ignore the other driver’s behaviour, concentrating on your own driving. Unfortunately, the opposite can happen, as well.

Some frustrated driver may intentionally stomp on their brakes when your vehicle is following them. Try to increase the distance between your vehicle and theirs. If you have a passenger, ask them to film the situation with an electronic device in case you want to file a complaint later.

If an aggressive driver is following you, don’t drive to your residence. You risk providing them with your address. Instead, go to a police station parking area where you will be safer.

Several laws prohibit aggressive behaviour on our roads. Following a vehicle too closely, for example, makes you liable to a fine of at least $100 along with two demerit points. Committing a reckless action which puts people in danger could cost your $1000 and four demerit points.

In the event of an accident or injuries, criminal charges related to dangerous driving could be filed. Be courteous at the wheel and remember that in the Laurentians, it’s safety first!


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Agent aux relations communautaires du Service de police de Mont-Tremblant, Éric Cadotte collabore par le biais de chroniques avec plusieurs médias de la région, dont la radio Cime FM et la télévision communautaire TVCL. / As community relations agent for the Mont-Tremblant Police Department, Éric Cadotte works via written and spoken columns with several regional media outlets, including CIME FM radio and TVCL community television.


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