The P’tit Train du Nord: directions for use…safely!

Did you know that from Val-Morin to Labelle by way of Mont-Tremblant, the linear park called Le P’tit Train du Nord is governed by a bylaw of the MRC des Laurentides, the regional county municipality of the Laurentians? As the season begins, here are a few reminders of the rules and regulations in effect on this almost-76-km section.

Pets…not the right place

Got the urge to walk your pet? Whether it’s on a leash or not, the linear park is not the right place. In fact, that’s so for all the Mont-Tremblant trails, including the asphalted multi-functional trail called La Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant.

A team of police cadets will be on duty to remind people of the rules and, if needed, sanction recalcitrant users by giving them a ticket carrying a $50 fine.

The right way

Walkers and joggers on the linear park must keep to the left, in other words, move “against the current”.  Cyclists and roller-bladers must keep to the right, in single file, maintaining a two-metre distance.

However, please remember that the situation is different on the Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant trail, on which everyone keeps right.

To pass another user, you are allowed to use the left lane when you can do so in complete safety.

The right speed

The speed limit on Le P’tit Train du Nord is 22 km/h so that everyone can use the trail safely.

The right distance

Lastly, don’t forget to respect the two-metre distancing from any users from another household, as well as keeping to the rules on gatherings of people.

Respect for the rules, as well as your cooperation, are essential if we wish to continue to enjoy this outdoor gem of the Laurentians.

Enjoy your outings!


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Agent aux relations communautaires du Service de police de Mont-Tremblant, Éric Cadotte collabore par le biais de chroniques avec plusieurs médias de la région, dont la radio Cime FM et la télévision communautaire TVCL. / As community relations agent for the Mont-Tremblant Police Department, Éric Cadotte works via written and spoken columns with several regional media outlets, including CIME FM radio and TVCL community television.


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