Pedestrian safety: a shared responsibility

Summer brings more people out onto our roads and sidewalks. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road network, and the road-safety code has numerous rules to ensure their safety. Here’s a brief overview.

Pedestrian crossings

When a pedestrian crossing is available, it must be used so that the intersection can be safely crossed. Whether the crossing stripes are painted white or yellow, pedestrians who clearly indicate their intent to cross have priority.

Vehicle drivers and cyclists must stop to allow them to cross, or risk a minimum fine of $100 and two demerit points. The Ville de Mont-Tremblant Police Department regularly mounts operations to make sure that pedestrian priority is observed and to deal with car and truck drivers who break the law.

When there’s no sidewalk

It’s not unusual for residential areas not to have sidewalks. If that’s the case, it is recommended that pedestrians walk at the edge of the road facing the oncoming traffic to be able to see approaching vehicles and react better in the event of danger.

However, if it’s safer for pedestrians to walk in the same direction as the cars, because of street lighting for example, they are permitted to do so.

Pedestrian traffic signals

At intersections having pedestrian traffic signals, pedestrians are permitted to cross when the panel shows a flashing hand, as long as they can completely cross the intersection in the time remaining. Fines for pedestrians who contravene the road-safety code are from $15 to $30 and there are no demerit points attached.


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Agent aux relations communautaires du Service de police de Mont-Tremblant, Éric Cadotte collabore par le biais de chroniques avec plusieurs médias de la région, dont la radio Cime FM et la télévision communautaire TVCL. / As community relations agent for the Mont-Tremblant Police Department, Éric Cadotte works via written and spoken columns with several regional media outlets, including CIME FM radio and TVCL community television.


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