Not your average torture chamber

Getting outside your comfort zone requires trying new things – and sometimes doing scary things. Pilates checks both those boxes for me. As an adventure is always better when shared, a few brave souls joined me: Jen, Jacynthe and Wendy… always up for something new.

Exploring the core


An intimidating table apparatus with metal springs, long dangling ropes and leather straps awaited us.

The set up looked frighteningly similar to that of a mediaeval torture chamber – albeit in a much better lit and more inviting atmosphere.

However, after one session with Kinesiologist Lori Ann Boisjoli at Pilates Sur Table, I can assure you that Joseph Pilates was not a barbarian (nor is Lori Ann).

The benefits from this amazing exercise platform are almost limitless. Lori Ann asked us to focus on a mind-body connection.

The premise is that the mind should control thoughtful, careful movements of the body. The movements were slow, simple and controlled.

The focus was on building core strength for better posture, balance and flexibility. Lori Ann’s passion for movement removed all preconceived notions of torture. Instead, the hour just sped by.

A better place through movement

The goal of Joseph Pilates was to make the world a better place through movement. He believed that physical exercise was an anti-aging drug and people who moved well generally lived longer and happier lives than those who were sedentary, often repeating, “You are only as old as your spine is flexible”.

If there is as an anti-aging drug, Lori Ann is writing prescriptions for it at her new Pilates Sur Table on rue de Saint-Jovite in Mont-Tremblant. Whether you are an elite athlete or have difficulty putting on your shoes in the morning, give Pilates a try. It’s not as scary as it looks.


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