An 82-metre tower in a residential district?


A project involving setting up a telecommunications tower in a residential zone of Mont- Tremblant raised lively opposition from residents last month after Bell announced its intent to erect an 82-metre tower bearing 12 antennas beside Lac Gélinas.

In four weeks, more than 1,100 Mont-Tremblant citizens, businesspeople, associations and visitors expressed their intense opposition to Bell, to its site acquisition agents, to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and to Ville de Mont- Tremblant authorities.

“While we are aware of the challenges regarding cellular phone coverage in some parts of Mont-Tremblant, it is clear that alternative solutions exist, particularly away from residential zones. This is the collaborative exercise to which we now invite Bell and the Ville {…},” stated Paul Labrecque, president of the Association des Propriétaires des Lacs Bessette, Desmarais et Gélinas (APLBDG).

According to the APLBDG, the ISDE consultation process will be followed by default, because the Ville does not have its own protocol with regard to towers. For its part, the Ville de Mont-Tremblant restates its firm opposition to any installation of a cellular communications tower on its territory. It denounces the attitude of Bell, which has decided to bypass municipal regulations by addressing the ISDE directly.

“My colleagues […] and I are of the opinion that the principle of precaution must apply to new technologies being deployed,” indicates Mayor Luc Brisebois. “Whereas at this stage, Bell provides no guarantee that the projected tower will not include 5G equipment, which we formally oppose as long as the harmless nature of this technology to the health of the general public has not been demonstrated beyond any doubt.”



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