Do you really know how to breathe?


We sometimes take our breath for granted. When we breathe properly, however, there can be multiple health benefits such as stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention and even better cardiovascular health.

Breathing is so vital to life that it is no wonder humankind long ago noted its value—not only to survival but to the functioning of the body and mind—and began controlling it to improve well-being. As early as the first millennium BC, both the Tao religion of China and Hinduism viewed breathing as one of the manifestations of primal energy. The Chinese call this energy qi, and Hindus call it prana (one of the key concepts of yoga).

In the 1920s, German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz developed “autogenic training” as a method of relaxation. The approach is based partly on slow and deep breathing and is probably still the best-known breathing technique for relaxation in the West today. A close look at one popular technique—cardiac coherence— offers more detail about the ways that breathing exercises promote relaxation.

This technique attempts to coordinate breathing with heart rate, slowing and steadying the breathing to slow and stabilize the heartbeat. The method was developed based on the understanding that as the heart rate slows and becomes regular, blood pressure decreases and muscles relax, increasing feelings of peacefulness. Thus the technique works through both neurobiological and psychological mechanisms.

Here is a simple breathing technique that you can use daily to help you better manage stress: at least three times a day, breathe six times per minute (inhaling through your nose for five seconds and exhaling through your mouth for five seconds each time) for five minutes.

To your health, Jessica et Bruno

Sources: Suzanne M. Bertisch PhD of Harvard Medical School, 2015 Cheryl Yang PhD of National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, 2012


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