Good neighbouring vs ongoing conflict…

Many, if not most of us have experienced gritting our teeth when faced with noisy-partying neighbours. Luckily, it usually doesn’t happen often and most of the time we simply live with these occasional situations that are part of life. But how should you react when the situation is truly unreasonable?

Police intervention when noise is excessive 

In Mont-Tremblant you can advise the police of an offence by calling 819 425-2723. The officers called will discreetly show up on the premises to evaluate the nature of the problem, its intensity and whether it is recurring. The excessive nature of the issue is important in terms of determining the police intervention.

A children’s birthday party at 1.p.m. has a very different impact from a party featuring loud voices and music at 1 a.m.

In general, for a complaint requiring police investigation, the officers deem that warning those responsible for the premises is enough. The warning is entered into a database and the police have a record of the complaints history before even going to the premises.

A second stage is often the issuing of a notice of offence. In the event that the problem is a recurring one, it may mean that civil lawsuits are the way to resolve a longstanding problem between or among neighbours.

True or false?

– Making noise is against the law and individuals must respect the peace and tranquility of a neighbourhood at all times. The famous 10 p.m. curfew is an urban legend.

TRUE. In Mont-Tremblant, it’s against the law to make noise likely to disturb the peace, tranquility, comfort, rest or well-being of a citizen or of the neighbourhood.

– In Mont-Tremblant, it is legal to use fireworks as long as the Police Department is notified.

FALSE. Mont-Tremblant bylaws prohibit the use of firecrackers or fireworks at any time.

– The use of certain noisy tools or the undertaking of certain construction work is restricted by municipal bylaws

TRUE. In Mont-Tremblant, use of a lawnmower is forbidden between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

– Police can arrest and take to the police station an offender who repeatedly breaks the noise law.


 For more information > Citizens > By-laws.


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Agent aux relations communautaires du Service de police de Mont-Tremblant, Éric Cadotte collabore par le biais de chroniques avec plusieurs médias de la région, dont la radio Cime FM et la télévision communautaire TVCL. / As community relations agent for the Mont-Tremblant Police Department, Éric Cadotte works via written and spoken columns with several regional media outlets, including CIME FM radio and TVCL community television.


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