Château Morritt

Château Morritt

David Morritt and team building resort in Mont-Tremblant 

A 130-unit resort hotel on a three-acre site will take shape shortly on the shores of Lac Moore, in the heart of the Village sector of Mont-Tremblant.

Construction is slated to begin in June, bringing to life the new dream of David Morritt, seasoned promoter and owner of Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Resort, in the Cayman Islands.

Tremblant Expressmet with Mr. Morritt during one of his visits to Mont-Tremblant.

The project, a time-share private residents club which will be built in three phases, is to be located on the site of the former Auberge du Coq on the chemin du Village.

David Morritt, his laughing eyes twinkling, tells of how this new adventure could be mistaken for the one that allowed him to build, 30 years ago, Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Resort on the shores of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Some 260 units make up that destination hotel, which includes a spa, two restaurants and a fitness centre.

“One evening, I was taking a walk after having eaten at the Resto Pub Au Coin of the Hôtel Mont-Tremblant, and I found myself at the Auberge du Coq, on lac Moore,” recounts Mr. Morritt.

“They agreed to put me up for the night even though they were actually closed, and the next morning I made an offer to buy the place. The story of Morritt’s Tortuga Club is exactly the same as that of the Château Morritt. Something in my gut told me I had to do it,” he states emphatically.

A native of Great Britain, David Morritt started off in construction. He built more than 300 homes before achieving another dream: the acquisition of a semi-professional soccer team.

“In three years, I took a soccer team in very poor shape on to victory. It’s really something,” he admits. Then came Barbados, where he lived for a few years, the Cayman Islands and finally, Mont-Tremblant.

From the beach to the snowy ski slopes

Questioned about the temperature difference between his two tourist destinations, David Morritt states that the Mont-Tremblant region has no reason to envy the Cayman Islands. In fact, Mr. Morritt expects to welcome vacationers all year round, as he does at the Tortuga Club.

We should mention that Mr. Morritt recently announced construction of a new 40-unit phase that will accommodate more than 30,000 families per year. With 15,000 members, the Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Resort is currently the biggest time-share club in the Caymans.

His attachment to Canada has meaning, as well. As a youngster, glued to his TV screen, he dreamed of being a member of the mounted police when he watched Renfrew of the Royal Mounted.

“It’s one of the reasons I’m here,” he confides. “I love this place. It’s exceptional, the jewel in the crown. I felt attracted to Mont-Tremblant and received an extraordinary welcome from the Ville.”

“I would like to have my Cayman Islands customers discover Mont-Tremblant and have people from here visit Morritt’s Tortuga Club, all year round,” concludes the promoter.”

So…to be continued.




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