Indigo real estate project

Projet Indigo, Mont-Tremblant

Since December, the word “indigo” no longer refers only to that rich blue colour so beloved by decorators.

Cédric Grenon, of Habitations Luma – to whom we owe the residential housing project Station Nature – explains that the Indigo project was designed not only for comfort and tranquility, but also to appeal to almost every budget.

Bordered by rue Émond, rue Labelle and chemin de la Forêt-Noire, the site covers a total surface area of 450,000 square feet and will, when completed, include 30 buildings and 90 living units. “Our product range is highly varied,” explains Mr. Grenon.

“We have condominiums with from one to five bedrooms and including up to three bathrooms and a powder room on one, two or three levels.”

“The project was started in in summer 2018,” he continues. “The first units were delivered before Christmas. Since then, we’ve seen sales every month.”

Projet Indigo

The best of both worlds

Just minutes from the services and everything that Mont-Tremblant has to offer in terms of things to do, shopping and multiple sporting activities, Indigo is above all a haven of safety and calm close to all the action. “My key word is listening…listening to the needs of our clientele,” Cédric continues.

“People are looking for affordable prestige chalets or small condos that provide a good quality of life. For our part, we wanted buildings with big windows, nine-foot ceilings, decor that’s both elegant and cosy, and all that in a price range that’s as reasonable as possible.”

Each unit has two parking spaces and the possibility, for the townhomes, of including a multifunctional room with additional storage: a mud room.

Charm planned to be attractive to the eye…and to the ear

The zoning permitted construction of 40 buildings. To maximize the retention of green spaces, however, Habitations Luma decided to build only 30. “The fact that the electric lines are buried underground already allows us to retain the maximum number of trees behind the buildings,” Cédric explains.

Designed to make a priority of durability and privacy, the Indigo project had the benefit of advice from a firm specializing in soundproofing. As a result, the plumbing is cast iron, which minimizes the transfer of undesirable sounds.

Friendliness and community

“When I was younger, I lived in a building in which my sister also lived, as well as a friend with his family,” Cédric confides. “The atmosphere was pleasant and fun. The idea behind Indigo is to have that kind of friendliness and community for all generations. It’s the perfect opportunity to live together and yet each in their own home.”

The limited number of co-owners for each unit also promotes a feeling of community. “And the condo fees are among the lowest on the market,” notes Cédric Grenon,

The project is already being lived in. Who’s next?





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