Demi Marathon Mont-Tremblant returns this summer

It’s time to reconnect It’s finally time to fet back together…to reconnect with friends, family and the community. As one of the first live running events in Québec since the…

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Let’s play dirty

If I am sweaty, dirt-streaked and disheveled after a good workout, I’m happy. I like getting dirty. Fortunately, the opportunities to get muddy and messy (and have fun doing so)…

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Running is in her blood

At the age of 52, Véronic Gervais has the rebellious look of a young champion marked by the unshakeable confidence of those who have surmounted the biggest challenges. For her,…

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The natural state of running

In its most pure form, running relies on all body parts working in concert, starting with the bare foot. The body naturally knows how to use the foot for shock…

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Demi-marathon Mont-Tremblant is 10 y/o

Demi Marathon Mont-Tremblant Celebrating 10 years of just awesome By Cathy Bergman The Demi Marathon Mont-Tremblant is a celebration each summer. A celebration of running, of community and of the…

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