Slow and steady wins the race

Aesop was right. Without being the tortoise in the fable, you can progress by taking small steps and in particular, by being steady in your efforts to develop your physical…

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Responding to the health crisis by adapting and innovating

All too often, we take our way of doing things for granted. It works well and we don’t second guess ourselves. And everything does go well, as long as everyone…

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Seven days of skiing

I’am on the plane. We’re flying back from Sun Peaks, British Columbia. We have just completed a fantastic ski camp. I learned this morning that British Columbia has just limited…

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Is alpine skiing an essential service?

Looking back over recent months, we can see that having young people stop their sports activities is very harmful both physically and mentally. It’s well known that our body secretes…

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One step follows another

Every year, company leaders bring their employees to me for advice before their game. It’s a clinic that everybody calls “Walk the Line”. Quite often, 200 players are invited and…

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The coach

Every season I give two or three training sessions for Ski Québec Alpin: mainly the on-snow modules at “development“ and “performance” levels. This forces me to keep up to date…

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Those darn parents

“Oh, those [# %^&*] parents!” That’s something I hear regularly as a coach. Curiously, it comes mainly from the parents themselves. Okay, let’s get something straight here. Parents who require…

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Athlete development

Having children in a ski club means paying particular attention. For a second consecutive season, my children are developing within a Mont-Tremblant Ski Club program and my oldest is getting…

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Ski racing: mapping out your route

Coach’s tips So here we are: it’s December. For many of us, it’s the start of the season. Several skiers already have a few dozen days of skiing behind them….

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