The Richer family: close to a century of involvement

The Mont-Tremblant region as we know it is the result of actions, decisions and risks taken in the past by courageous, hard-working and determined individuals. The history that follows is…

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Ski clubs: a tradition for close to 100 years – Part 2

When Joe Ryan died in 1950, his wife Mary Ryan registered her own ski club. Because the competitions were being held on Mont Tremblant and the resort had access to…

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Ski clubs: a tradition for close to 100 years

The Laurentians, and more specifically the municipality of Mont-Tremblant, has had the benefit – for almost a century – of an organizational structure designed to prepare competitive alpine skiers. Even…

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Lucile Wheeler: the Mont-Tremblant sparkplug who inspired generations of women skiers

Born on January 14, 1935, in Saint-Jovite, Lucile Wheeler started to ski at the age of two. Not surprising, as her father, Harry, owned Gray Rocks ski resort. It was…

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The Saint-Louis family

The ancestor of the Saint-Louis family, so well known in our region, was born in Sorel. After completing his classical studies in the 1850s, Albert – for that was his…

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Gaston Gervais: he did it his way (second instalment)

After sharing with my father his discovery of a series of small lakes located not far from the Rouge River, Gaston and Charlie (my father) put together a group of…

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Gaston Gervais: he did it his way

I feel like I’ve always known Gaston Gervais. He is imprinted on the pages of my life and in particular, on the life of my father. It’s important to mention…

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The Forget family: tight-knit for 110 years

The Forget family, in business for five generations, is highly respectful of the achievements of its forebears, who managed to pass on an exceptional heritage to succeeding generations. Alcide Forget,…

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The Pinoteau adventure

Many of our local hotel establishments were created by young, adventurous couples who were attracted by the forest industry or fell in love with the region itself. This month, we’ll…

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A very reserved hero

When I started writing this series of columns called “The forgotten”, I wanted to shine a bit of a spotlight on the individuals and families of Mont-Tremblant who played an…

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