The Prud’homme family

You must be familiar with the name: it probably brings to mind the “pont Prud’homme” – the Prud’homme bridge. But while that’s the name of the bridge today, there’s a…

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Michel Normandeau

Michel Normandeau Over the years, the subjects of my columns have fluctuated between my long-ago memories and the more recent ones, but I recognize the richness of contemporary individuals in…

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Louis Dufour, a friend forever

Born in Sainte-Adèle in the Lower Laurentians, Louis Dufour quickly became an excellent skier and it was through ski competition that our friendship began. At the time, the Lower Laurentians…

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Connor O’Brien

It is said that talent is hard to beat, but talent plus work is unbeatable. I would add determination and you’d have the perfect recipe for success. The first time…

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Mont-Tremblant and the World Cup

Racing, whether on foot, in a car or on skis, excites us and gives us a sense that anything is possible and maybe we could win. Admit that when you…

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Warren Chippindale

I am a member of that generation lucky enough to learn from our parents, but also from the extended family made up of uncles, aunts and friends. The advice, the…

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An inspiring man: Yves Bienvenue

When I became part of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team in the winter of 60/61, I naively believed that we would be a key factor on the international scene. Our…

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The Émond family

As an only child, I was always fascinated by big families. One of the great joys of my childhood was when all my uncles, aunts and cousins got together in…

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Linda Crutchfield

Linda Crutchfield Nowadays, from their first successes, young athletes are recognized for their potential. Media, social media, sponsors, sports organizations, parents and community all accompany the young athletes in their…

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The Paradis family

Over the past decades our village has changed a great deal. While not that long ago it was enough for it to be self-sufficient and meet the needs of its…

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