Long-distance relationships

It is amazing to see the wildlife that inhabits Mont-Tremblant. I enjoy spotting these creatures. Where some see a nuisance, I see critical players in our ecosystem. On a few…

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The smelly striped skunk

The striped skunk is rightly associated with the nauseating smell it releases. Its scientific name, Mephitis mephitis, derives from a classical Latin word meaning “rotten unpleasant odour”. Taking advantage of…

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Pick up that peel

By Jeff Swysten Hiking’s simple rule is this: leave only footprints. I like to add: try to avoid that, too. Often I see people avoiding a puddle, thereby widening the…

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The intelligence of the raven

In a Hallowe’en context, the raven represents the incarnation of evil, damned souls and Satan. At one time, in Europe, a dead raven was nailed to the door of a…

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Grouse encounters of the personal kind

By Jeff Swystun My wildlife encounters have been more fun than scary. Once a fox licked the back of my leg. A large, plump white hare sat on my foot…

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Make your property a home for wildlife

Over the past 40 years, wildlife populations have fallen by 60 per cent around the world due to destruction of natural habitats, pesticide pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources. In…

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The dandelion

The dandelion, much more than a weed Each spring, lawns, roadsides and paths adorn themselves with innumerable little suns that many people try to destroy, judging that they are merely…

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