Ziptrek celebrates its fifth birthday

It’s already been five years since Ziptrek Ecotours opened. The business rapidly became a must in terms of the region’s offering to recreational tourists and continues to charm its customers: the trek is spectacular and enriching.

For the non-initiated, Ziptrek covers the distance separating the summit of Mont Tremblant from the base of the mountain on five ziplines that fly over the trees. It probably goes without saying that thrill-seekers love it, but it’s not just them. Even though you have the impression of accomplishing the impossible, the eco-adventure tour is accessible to everyone and provides exclusive, spectacular views of the Laurentians. Completely guided, the tours also permit visitors to learn more about the local environment and ecology. We’ll just note that the five ziplines travel a distance of 4 km and on the course there are six observation platforms. Founded in Whistler in 2001, the company has, since its founding, accommodated more than one million “zippers”.

Several promotions are being offered to celebrate the fifth birthday of Zeptrek Ecotours Tremblant. This season, the more organized among us will have a 15 per cent rebate if their reservations are made at least 72 hours in advance. For the more spontaneous, Écono Tours gives its users a rebate before 9:25 every morning and after 3:25 every afternoon. As usual, on the Journée des citoyens – Residents’ Day – which this year is on June 3, participants can enjoy the experience for only $50.

To wind up, let’s just note that children are permitted from age seven. We should also note that if the child weighs less than 75 pounds (34 kg), he or she will make the descent in tandem with a guide.

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