Growing bolder

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Birthdays mark that we’re another year older. They can also mark another year stronger. As my birthday-meter strikes 63 this month, I am choosing stronger.

Birthday fitness

I share my birthday month with Stéphane Leclerc, co-owner of Gym OxyClub. In anticipation of some pink-frosted chocolate cake, I asked Stéphane to program a workout for me that would take advantage of all the gym has to offer.

The largest fitness facility in Mont- Tremblant, OxyClub boasts more equipment than any gym north of Saint-Sauveur. There is almost no end to the amazing array of machines available to help you pump, push, pull, run, ride and climb your way to fitness.

Bolder not older

I started my sweat session on the main floor. The treadmill provided a good warm-up. In the new hi-intensity cardio room, I climbed the oversized StairMaster. Done, but not easy.

I sampled the vertical wall climber. It’s a sure bet I will never play Spiderman in a movie – or elsewhere. Then it was on to the free-weight training zone. My favourite. I am uncertain who uses the 135-pound dumbbells, but whoever it is, he (or she) has got some serious biceps.

Next up. The multi-functional room has huge windows with wall-to-wall mirrors. Energizing and great for monitoring form while working on function. Then it was upstairs for core work and stretching.

The loft overlooks the huge main training floor. It’s a semi-private area where you can train on your own – or cool down after a hard-hitting training session. Train on your own at OxyClub or buy a custom plan.

With day passes, a 10-pack punch card, a Weekend Warrior special, an array of memberships, and a 24/7 VIP pass available, there is a package for every level.

Get outside your comfort zone. Get bolder, not older… and always enjoy your birthday cake.


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