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La Quille Graves

This white Bordeaux boasting the Graves appellation comes from the Cérons commune, known for its mellow white wines. Destined by its characteristics to create dessert wines, the sémillon vine is replacing sauvignon in this region. Mixed from 30 per cent sauvignon and six per cent gris, the sémillon dominates at 64 per cent. The aromas of honey and white flowers are so inviting that it’s hard not to keep your nose close to the glass.

This wine is fresh, sensual, made simply in the modern way, and delightful at the cocktail hour on the deck.

Dão-style maceration on the skins

The types of grapes used here (cercial, encruzado, malvasia) are white. It’s the riddle put to us by the Adega de Panalva cooperative with this white wine whose maceration is better known for determining “orange” wines. To the eye, the legs slowly hug the inside of the glass, an indication of glycerol, not of a high percentage of alcohol (12.5%). Aromas of pink peppercorns overlap those of peach and apricot. In the mouth, it is generously sweet, not sugary, but also dry and not bitter. Slight tannins appear in the finish to confirm the stature of this excellent Portuguese wine.

Think ginger/cumin, like an Indian chicken dish with saffron basmati rice with pistachios.


In Predappio, the obscure appellation of Émilie-Romagne, the talented Chiara Condello cultivates her four hectares of sangiovese which make up this eponymous wine. Visually, this 2016 surprises us with its violet edge rimming a dense yet sparkling garnet hue. It’s the typical cherry, fatter, supported by the freshness of the acidity which delights the palate. The tannins are firm but not angular. A hint of woodiness to close the finish.

Special with proteins that call for red wine and serious for those curious enough to refine it in the wine cellar.


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