Added value from your financial advisor  

For the past two years you have received, at the beginning of the year, two separate reports from your investment firm:

  • The performance of your portfolio for the period from January 1 to December 31 of the previous year;
  • A report on the fees you have paid for the management of your investment portfolio.

Some investors wonder if their financial advisor is providing added value. Whether that person is an investment counselor, investment specialist, portfolio manager or financial planner, they must be able to play an important role at every stage of your investor experience and in particular, to suggest:

  • A range of financial solutions that can meet your needs;
  • Wealth management services: financial planning, estate planning, asset protection and help with fiscal planning;
  • Guidelines and support to help you acquire good savings and investment habits.

Canadians who work with a counselor more often achieve their goals. Here are some interesting statements about this (source: RBC Global Asset Management):

  • Their net assets and their investible assets are respectively three times and four times greater;
  • The advice of a professional can help them maintain a steady course towards their long-term objective despite market volatility;
  • They benefit from a more balanced distribution of their assets and see their money grow more than that of other investors;
  • Well advised, they do a better job of optimizing their financial strategies from the point of view of taxes.

In short, a financial advisor can offer a good deal more than investment recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask yours about these potential advantages. There’s no doubt that their added value will justify the fees they’ll charge you during the year.


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Francis Couillard est Vice-président, gestionnaire de portefeuille et conseiller en patrimoine. Vice-President, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor.


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