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On December 17, we learned that we would be able to continue training. Groups of eight young skiers can be supervised by a coach at the Club de ski Mont-Tremblant and at the Snow School’s Club Élite. It’s good news.

We were lucky till then because, in contrast with many other ski clubs in the province, we were able to keep training until December 14, when our area became a red zone. Government decisions subsequently allowed us to continue this season, which had already provided us with considerable enjoyment.

It’s true that we have to keep respecting the two-metres-of-distancing rule and the young skiers have to use the chairlift one at a time. That’s a bit of a damper and a lot less fun for them. Chatting going up is usually a special time when the youngsters can socialize. So it will be a different experience, but they will be able to continue their training in the gates and to improve.

The competitive side

For the moment, there are no competitive events on the calendar but we hope to be able to have a few this month within the Club de ski Mont-Tremblant. Because races help young people stay motivated, it would be ideal to be able to organize some, but it’s not an end in itself. So this is a “to be continued”.

For the Québec ski team, it’s a little more complicated. The teams are financed by the skiers’ memberships in the various competition clubs. For example, if the Québec clubs had been forced to close, like their Ontario counterparts, there would not have been registrations (and registration fees) so there would have been a big loss to make up to allow the Québec team to function.

It should be noted that part of that money then goes to the national team. At this point, however, it looks okay. Alpine Canada Alpin has reviewed its budget to adapt to the situation and it appears we won’t be behind, particularly vis-à-vis the Europeans.

Skiing in a red zone

As these lines are being written, the indoor spaces are reserved for people wanting to warm up and use the toilets. Given that removing your mask indoors is banned, you can’t eat, either. On the other hand, the conditions are super nice. You can have great days of skiing as long as you adapt your schedule.

What I advise is not to wait till you’re cold; just take a few runs and go back home. That’s what I did today with my youngest and my parents and it was just perfect. Happy skiing, everyone!


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