Wind of change…

It’s March already. The sun’s rays warm our hearts, the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. It’s the perfect time to visit the Domaine Saint-Bernard, enjoy some winter pursuits and fill your lungs with fresh air.

March brings changes, as well, to the Domaine. For the first time, a woman will be president of the Domaine Saint-Bernard. Dominique Laverdure was recently entrusted with the mandate to follow the winds of change that have blown through the Domaine over the past several years.

It’s a change that will certainly bring diversity among the trustees in order to properly represent our citizens.

The trustees are working full out to present an exciting plan for the future. The plan should allow the Domaine to become a model of excellence throughout North America in the development of ecological tourism, education and innovation.

Whether in terms of outdoor, sports-related, cultural, teaching-affiliated or scientific activities, the Domaine is on the verge of reinventing itself. All this in an environment meticulously planned to preserve nature: no compromises.

In other words, the Domaine Saint-Bernard is positioning itself as a benchmark that will integrate perfectly into the offerings of Mont-Tremblant’s five hubs (or poles).

We can dream of the day when our young people can have fun outdoors in nature as they learn of the importance of this treasure in our daily lives and in the future.

We can also dream of the day when visitors come from all over the world to the Domaine Saint-Bernard to be inspired by our preservation practices and contribute to its innovation for the conservation of nature. Is this not a fine gift to offer our local community to celebrate the Domaine’s 20th birthday?

We would like to thank Guy Pressault most sincerely for his devotion and leadership over the past two years. Mr. Pressault has been a significant springboard in the history of the Domaine Saint-Bernard and the future being created before us.



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