Finding a good broker means having an ally

Pascale Janson

Buying a property in Mont-Tremblant

Tip #2

You’ve got to admit that it would be useful, when making any important purchase, to have a specialist at your side to help you weigh the pros and cons impartially.

Think of the purchase of a car. Imagine having the help of someone who could recommend your best option from among all the makes and models available. (As an aside, there actually are car brokers/agents:

It’s true. A broker can limit himself or herself to being a filler-out of legal papers, a negotiator and a taxi driver.

However, if you give them the opportunity – and he or she is attached only to you – they can become this real, impartial ally you need throughout your purchase process.

Step #1 – Shop for your broker (yes, shop!)

Start by asking a friend who has purchased in Mont-Tremblant for a reference. If you don’t have access to this kind of reference, call several brokers to ask for information about one of their properties.

Analyze your conversation: is the broker interested in your needs or do they just try to sell you the property you called about? Do you feel a sense of trust? Choose the one for which you answered yes and yes!

Step #2 –Visit ALL the properties, new or resale, with him or her. ALL!

When you visit all the properties with your broker, you can count on their impartiality, because they will not be confronted with choices they won’t be paid for. There are a number of new real estate projects in Mont-Tremblant. Visit them with the broker.

TADA! You have now transformed a simple door opener into an ally, because your relationship is win-win. All the rest of the process will be simpler, more pleasant, and you’ll increase your chances of making the right choice.

It’s free! Why not use it?

Happy shopping… for a broker!


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Pascale Janson, BAA Directrice d’agence, copropriétaire et courtier immobilier agréé chez Les Versants Mont-Tremblant. Pascale détient un baccalauréat en marketing et en gestion d’entreprise des HEC de Montréal. Elle a travaillé plusieurs années à Paris et à Montréal. En 2003, elle a décidé de relever le défi de créer, avec son père, sa propre bannière en immobilier. / Agency manager and co-owner Pascale studied marketing and management at the HEC Montréal and worked for several years in Paris and Montreal. In 2003, she agreed to her father Etienne’s proposal to open a local real estate office.


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