Tremblant moving to RFID technology


Mont Tremblant Ski Resort has announced that it will be using RFID technology for the 2023-2024 season. Access to all lifts will, from now on, be gained by going through a gate that will read skiers’ and boarders’ cards using Radio Frequency IDentification. The gate will open automatically as the card-holders pass through.

The introduction of this technology requires a new card that will be sent by mail to those holding Ikon and Tonik passes and the Latitude card, while day passes can be picked up onsite at print kiosks or counters.

This new process facilitates access to lifts for both visitors and card-checkers because the new technology can read the card through clothing. As a result, lift access will be accelerated, and the risk of loss or destruction of the passes and cards will be reduced. Card checkers’ functions will be migrated to other jobs within the company, which means that all will remain employed at Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort.



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