Tremblant: directions for use

Advice from a champion

In December, Tremblant hosts a huge number of skier from the four corners of thiscontinent and well beyond, as well.  So…when should you ski and on which runs?

When it’s busiest, I like to ski early in the mornings and preferably on weekdays. When I want to push things a bit, I like the Jasey-Jay. It’s a superb run that provides a nice variety of terrain. It also has a flat section where you can work on your technique. It’s ideal for experiencing those sensations you want to feel before heading for the more difficult runs.

For beginners, I suggest P’tit Bonheur. I like it a lot, and it’s pleasant and fun for both young and old. I often start on this trail with my daughters in the morning.

Children’s development

Kids want to have fun and it’s important for them to enjoy themselves. Be careful not to tire them too much early in the season. You can alternate descents where you work on technique and descents where it’s pure pleasure. The training program called provides excellent advice. It’s available to coaches and families.

Good behaviour

There are times when Tremblant’s trails see a major influx of skiers.

It sometimes makes me a bit nervous when really good skiers ski past young kids at top speed. I can certainly understand that you want to go fast, but it’s important to keep in mind that you can really frighten youngsters without even realizing it. It’s important to respect the other skiers and I believe that the P’tit Bonheur and Nansen runs should be reserved for beginners.

This year, conditions are marvelous. I would call it European snow. Be careful during your first descent, though, because sometimes the runs are not at their full width early in the season.

Have fun skiing!


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Détenteur de deux titres de champion du monde, Erik Guay est le skieur alpin canadien le plus décoré de l’histoire. / Holder of two World Champion titles, Erik Guay is Canada’s most successful alpine skier.


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