A 25th birthday for Tremblant Express

Denis Primeau, David Coderre, Guillaume Vincent et Myriam Delage. ©Allen_McEachern

It’s been a quarter century since Chris Fair, armed with a degree in journalism from Concordia University, published the first issue of Tremblant Express: a bilingual skier’s guide called Ski Tremblant.

The first, 12-page issue appeared in fall 1993, referring to itself as “the most visible guide in the region […] consulted by visitors looking for information about shopping, meals and things to do.”

“Tremblant had asked Chris Fair to create an independent newspaper that would publish factual, objective information about the activities offered by the  mountain and the region,” explains Denis Primeau, who was the Tremblant Express editor from 1999 to 2017, “In exchange, Tremblant, which never went back on its word, offered to sponsor the paper by buying advertising space.”

In July 1994, Ski Tremblant became Tremblant Express. Informative content was added for this 16-page issue which announced on its cover the first Canadian Annual Blues Summit, the precursor of the Tremblant International Blues Festival. “That’s how the distinctive character of Tremblant Express was born,” wrote André Courey in 2008, for the publication’s 15th birthday.

It should be noted here that Mr. Courey, a retired Radio Canada International journalist, wrote most of the content of Tremblant Express from 2000 to 2017.

On to coated paper, for “the only bilingual newspaper in the Laurentians”

In 2010, Denis Primeau decided to improve the quality of the paper of this monthly publication, which at that time printed 30,000 copies per month, eleven months a year. Still bilingual, Tremblant Express thus set itself apart from weekly papers such as Information du Nord and Point de vue. At first the paper was hybrid, printed partly on coated stock, partly on newsprint. Then in 2011, Tremblant Express was printed exclusively on coated paper.

Not just journalists…

Tremblant Express newsmagazine would not be what it is without its columnists. In addition to reports, portraits and numerous articles giving interesting information about the lifestyle in this beautiful part of the work — as well as all the events and activities that happen here — Tremblant Express has provided, over the years, an important showcase for the expertise of numerous local professionals.

Among these, we must emphasize the contribution of Laura Scully and Pierre Brisebois, whose columns have graced our pages for xxyears. In leafing through the pages of some old copies of our paper, we have discovered that Pascal De Bellefeuille, Sébastien Houle, Chantale Germain, Benoit Poirier, Gérald Gauthier, Nicolas Fleurant, Sylvie Gauthier, Marie-Claude Guéreand many others have also been published in this paper.

More recently, we should mention the contributions of Robert Roy, Jacques Prescott, Éric Cadotte, Magali Tisseyre, Tony O’Keeffe, Ariane Lavigne, Jessica Humphries and Bruno St-Hilaire, Marie-Stéphane Asselin, Gérald Le Gal, Pascale Janson, Valérie Goyette, Lynda Lavertu, Francis Couillard and Isabelle Morissette.

If it’s bilingual, that means translation

Many readers have told us how much they appreciate the fact that our publication is bilingual. Some even use the paper to work on the language that’s less familiar to them. All of this would not be possible without the work of Anne Johnston and Lysanne Éthier, who have been our translators for some time: Anne since 2004, and Lysanne since 2004. It is real asset for us to be able to rely on their professionalism.

To wind this up, we’ll just remind you that on March 1, 2017, Denis Primeau turned over Tremblant Express to David Coderre and Guillaume Vincent. The two new owners, who worked for Denis Primeau as sales director and journalist, respectively, have since been working to ensure that the paper remains at the level of its mission: to provide a high-quality, monthly, bilingual publication focusing on the lifestyle, sports and culture of Mont-Tremblant.



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Rédacteur et journaliste de profession, Guillaume Vincent a fait ses armes au sein de l’agence QMI. Il s’est joint au Tremblant Express en 2014. Promu en 2017, il y assume depuis le rôle de rédacteur en chef et directeur de la publication. / A writer and photojournalist by profession, Guillaume Vincent won his stripes in the QMI agency. He joined Tremblant Express in 2014. Promoted in 2017, he has been editor-in-chief and co-publisher since then.


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