It’s all downhill from here

Careening downhill as fast as I can go on any device is one of my favourite things to do. Racing my bike at breakneck speed down the Nordet is exhilarating. Plowing down a mountain on snowshoes as fast as I can run is a blast. I love wind-in-my-hair speed.

What goes up must come down

However, as much as I love the downhill portion of any activity, it is the upward climb that is necessary for the plunging descent. Climbing the Casino hill on a bike is worth the heart-pounding race to the bottom. So I assumed sliding downhill on a toboggan would be worth the climb to the top of the slope.

Experimental sliding

One problem: I do not own a toboggan. A bit of thinking outside the box was required…. I convinced my husband to haul his canoe out of its winter storage spot. We pushed, pulled and tugged it up a hill behind our house. It did not go as planned. For future reference, 70-pound canoes do not glide well downhill. And for those of you who saw us and suggested waxing the bottom, no, that doesn’t work either.

Fast and furious

Seeing our plight, our gracious neighbours lent us their toboggan and we were off to the races. Up the hill and down. Repeat. Repeat. If you think this iconic winter activity is not exercise, think again. Trudging uphill in waist deep snow gets your heart pumping, your core working and your legs burning. A play date in our winter wonderland is not only a great way to spend time with your family and friends, it is fabulous exercise.

And as my dear friend Denis Roy continually reminds me after any climb…it’s all downhill from here.


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