Top five of the best restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Wine bar-Quintessence

Your best option for Valentine’s Day is still to invite your sweetheart to dine at a restaurant. But what are the best places around here for a successful romantic evening? To find out, we called on Jenny Prud’homme, co-owner and columnist of website Here are her recommendations.

Restaurant La Quintessence and Winebar
Restaurant La Quintessence, which has a CAA/AAA Four Diamonds rating, offers French-inspired cuisine that combines the styles and flavours of the Laurentians. In the main dining room there are two private salons: Aube and Crépuscule. For a romantic dinner, Jenny strongly suggests the Winebar et Cellier, right beside the dining room. “I love the brick walls, the fireplace, the superb armchairs and the enormous glassed-in wine cellar. The atmosphere is hushed and perfect for a romantic evening. This is, without a doubt, the place to go to impress your Valentine.”

sEb l’Artisan Culinaire
In a charming, downtown, heritage home on rue Saint-Georges, chef Sébastien Houle welcomes his guests. The dining room has several little corners that give this restaurant a unique, intimate ambience. Here we are promised an epic culinary journey “where meats from local farms, seafood from the Atlantic and vegetables from our own local growers are paired with carefully selected wines”. “For Valentine’s Day, it’s customary to order champagne in a double flute,” says Jenny, “and to be tempted by a menu of foods specially concocted for the occasion.”

Restaurant Patrick Bermand
“One of the restaurants preferred by locals. A real institution,” says Jenny, who suggests we try Patrick Bermand’s restaurant – which celebrated its 15th birthday in 2018 – for a gourmet evening that combines romance and a welcoming ambience in a wonderful heritage home in the heart of the Village sector of Mont-Tremblant. The open kitchen allows guests to watch the chef at work and, along with the polished, pleasant service, makes this a culinary reference point for this region. The food is French-inspired, with market products carefully chosen from the best available. Guests also enjoy an excellent selection of wines and ports from the establishment’s private wine cellar.

La Petite Cachée
Located on the chemin du Village, La Petite Cachée restaurant offers Mediterranean-influenced flavours that fully respect the freshness of products according to the seasons and to what’s available. “The ambience is cosy and relaxed,” Jenny tells us. “The fireplace in the middle of the dining room makes the atmosphere intimate, and customers also enjoy the superb view of Mont Tremblant. This is a restaurant that will not disappoint.”

Le Rustique
In Lac-Supérieur, the restaurant-bar called La Rustique has quickly become one of this area’s most prized culinary destinations. The chef-owner, Bruno Théberge-Krivak, explains that his cuisine requires a good mastery of French culinary basics brought up to date with a creative touch and his love of products from this terroir. Game, wild meats and fish are featured on a menu that changes from week to week. In keeping with the notion of an authentic experience, the ambience is relaxed.

“For a few extra kilometres, why not transform your Valentine’s Day weekend into a romantic getaway,” Jenny asks. “You can rent a chalet on the North Side of Tremblant and try one of the trendiest restaurants in the area. It’s not just delicious, it’s really beautiful,” she concludes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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