Pop! … and happiness reigns

Casa Vinicola Aldo Rainoldi Zapel The outdoor thermometer reads 9° C and I lift the Italian from the ice bucket which reflects that rays of the spring sun: “Sunny” by…

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Biodynamics… a fashion or a necessity?

Organic wines, natural wines or biodynamic wines? It’s not just an array of certifications, but above all a need to eliminate agrochemical practices and find again the value of soils…

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Biodynamic culture: in harmony with nature 

In October 2018, I visited the vineyards of the Loire Valley. It’s a region I particularly love for the quality and the typical nature of its wines. By happy chance,…

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From one grape or a blend ?

Wine from one grape or a blend…it’s what’s in the glass that counts! So it’s March, and spring is on its way. To relocate ourselves slightly further from winter, I…

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The vineyards of the Okanagan…a unique terroir!

When you love nature and the wide-open spaces, Western Canada quickly becomes a favourite destination. I felt the call to be there well before I developed a passion for wine….

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Here’s to homegrown knowhow

For this New Year, let’s take a closer look at products that illustrate the passion and expertise of Québec entrepreneurs. Don’t hesitate to serve and share them… generously! Gin with…

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Austria…a wine region worth discovering

Vienna, the valley of the Danube… names that evoke imperial gardens and baroque cities. And then there are the alpine mountains, from which resound the echoes of another era on…

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Three sincere wines made from grapes reminiscent of a sunset!  

Italy overflows with good wines made from equally exceptional grapes. This country boasts the planet’s largest number of grape varieties (more than 200). Knowing this, it’s interesting to go on…

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