This summer, the kids will be back at the Domaine!

Are you aware that one of the goals of the Domaine Saint-Bernard is to let kids experience life outdoors through participation in supervised activities that contribute to their development and…

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Procedural memory in the learning of alpine skiing

The following situation is one you’ve most certainly experienced. You’re driving your car on a route you drive frequently. Half way there, you realize that you’ve covered all this distance…

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Canada relegated to the sidelines?

On the one hand, we’re lucky in Québec because youngsters registered in a provincial sports-study program can keep training, which is not the case in Ontario. On the other hand,…

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Training successfully when skiing independently

The club is in “pause” mode till February 8. The young members should keep up their training and apply the teaching tips provided by their coach during the Christmas camp….

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Is alpine skiing an essential service?

Looking back over recent months, we can see that having young people stop their sports activities is very harmful both physically and mentally. It’s well known that our body secretes…

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Accepting change

Stay fit for life, not a finish line Cabin fever can be added to the list of current contagious infections. Our time spent indoors in self-isolation and practicing safe social…

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Ski patroller: Far from a simple mountain outing, it’s a vocation

Special collaboration: Paul Laramée Newly trained by the l’Institut national de secourisme du Québec (INSQ)[1], Quebec’s largest network of private ski patrollers, the author presents the experience he went through…

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The coach

Every season I give two or three training sessions for Ski Québec Alpin: mainly the on-snow modules at “development“ and “performance” levels. This forces me to keep up to date…

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Racing season

So here we are: racing season is well underway. The young skiers are working hard in the course gates, hurtling down the slopes before an enthusiastic crowd composed largely of…

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Athlete development

Having children in a ski club means paying particular attention. For a second consecutive season, my children are developing within a Mont-Tremblant Ski Club program and my oldest is getting…

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