Stay in shape this summer!

Do your training practices support your leisure and outdoor activities? Conditionnement Fonctionnel Mont- Tremblant provides training adjusted to the strengths and limits of each participant, all supervised by a certified…

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An invitation to rucking

If, at the age of 30, I was in great shape, I owed it more to walking and hiking than to time spent in the gym and to competitive sports….

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Overcoming obstacles

With every challenge encountered, there is the opportunity for growth. Down and dirty Crawling in the mud under barbed wire. Scaling a 30-foot-high cargo-net wall. Flipping tractor tires in the…

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A paradise for open-water swimming: lac Tremblant

In the “great comebacks” category, after a forced pause lasting two summers, the young Traversée du lac Tremblant is back. This third such event will be held from August 3…

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Spring into running

With most running events and triathlons back on the calendar this year, many of us are itching to get back to running outside. But before you tie on your running…

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Tee up your fitness

As the weather warms and spring approaches, golfers are eager to dust off their clubs and get back on the course. To make sure your golf game is more about…

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Managing intensity

Whether you are just beginning to strength train or are a seasoned veteran, there are variables you must manage: frequency, volume and intensity. The one-rep max Frequency refers to how…

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Everyone can improve with coaching

This week I was lucky enough to work with Valérie Grenier at Tremblant. Back from the Games, she was home for a short stopover before returning to Europe for the…

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Exploring “Reduced High Intensity Training”

You have probably heard of High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. It is a traditional training protocol of about thirty minutes and is performed at very high intensity, with recovery…

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Self-esteem: too often neglected in training

Last week I gave a development-level training session to coaches. One of the aspects discussed was self-esteem. We talked about actions to take with young people who are more self-effacing…

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