Our wish for you in 2022 – S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N

There is no “magic pill”! It’s through our combined, daily, healthy habits that we build the solid foundations for long-term, overall, well-being. But it’s clear that if we do not…

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Sleep for better energy, healthy weight and more!

In the next few months, almost everything that lives in nature will go into ‘’sleep mode’’ to refuel before next spring. For us humans, sleep becomes even more important at…

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Taking your yoga outdoors for a deeper connection

Whether you practise yoga three times a week, are a Saturday regular or a newbie, you can increase the benefits of your activity by taking your mat outside. Outdoor yoga…

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Do you really know how to breathe?

We sometimes take our breath for granted. When we breathe properly, however, there can be multiple health benefits such as stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention and even…

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Your immune system supporting your general health

At this time of planetary-scale upheaval in terms of public health, we thought it would be a good idea to have this month’s article give you simple tools from world…

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The dandelion

The dandelion, much more than a weed Each spring, lawns, roadsides and paths adorn themselves with innumerable little suns that many people try to destroy, judging that they are merely…

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Celebrating the month of love

Exercise for a healthy heart As our hearts and minds turn to love in the month of February, it’s a good time to think about heart health – so you…

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How to get what you want in 2019

What area in your life would you like to change? Is it related to your health? Your relationships? Your career? Or something specific that you want to achieve? The first step…

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