A hike with history

It was October 19, 1943. The Second World War was raging and victory far from certain for Canada and its allies. In the town of Saint-Donat, residents did their best…

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The Mont-Tremblant area in living colour

Every season has a special beauty in the Laurentian Mountains, but nothing beats the vibrant colours of fall. Especially when seen from a mountain top. Add the bonus that all…

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Breathing at the top of the mountain

The association of hiking and yoga seemed completely natural and it was this kind of thinking that led Ève Brasseur to launch Excursion Yoga. She had deepened her experience of…

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Let’s play dirty

If I am sweaty, dirt-streaked and disheveled after a good workout, I’m happy. I like getting dirty. Fortunately, the opportunities to get muddy and messy (and have fun doing so)…

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Priceless lessons for the outdoors (Part three)

Early outdoors enthusiasts ate fruits and nuts, pastry, dried meats, and cheese. For energy, I make and eat mint cake. The sugary treat was used on Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition. Edmund…

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Forest hiking: preparation makes all the difference

The last weeks of September and the month of October are the time of year when the largest number of hikers get lost in the forest. At this time of…

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The ChapStick Ride

This winter reminded me of the never-ending winters spent living in northern Alberta. Cold Lake was home to some hardened cyclists. Ray – national team, rode for Tim Horton’s; Jose…

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