COVID-19: Police Department will help to ensure control of road access

The Ville de Mont-Tremblant has announced that the Police Department will work in partnership to ensure control of road access to its territory. Control posts are deployed by the Police…

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Police services: Unprecedented citizen mobilization

The future of the Mont-Tremblant police force has generated a heated response and raised concern and incomprehension in the people of Mont-Tremblant. A two-part public consultation on the subject took…

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An hour with the mayor

The issue of police services is currently mobilising the people of Mont-Tremblant to quite a marked degree. We met with the chief executive of Mont-Tremblant, Luc Brisebois (mayor), a few…

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Forest hiking: preparation makes all the difference

The last weeks of September and the month of October are the time of year when the largest number of hikers get lost in the forest. At this time of…

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