Harvesting Holiday memories

One of my earliest childhood memories is of hiking through a snowy forest with my grandfather in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Memory lane The trees towered above my…

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Pick a peak

Fresh, crisp autumn air. Warm sun on your face. The earthy aroma of damp moss, mushrooms, and needle-covered paths. A mountain range painted by Mother Nature in every hue of…

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A treetop trail trek

Nestled in Canada’s largest mixed forest, the Treetop Walk Laurentides in Mont-Blanc is right in our backyard, and is an absolute must-visit. Nothing like it Wendy Allen and Jennifer Laframboise…

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Teed up for fun

Because the best things happen outside your comfort zone… Club in hand, I stood at the edge of Le Maître fairway on the opening day of golf season in Mont-Tremblant….

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Grief on the run

My return to running this spring has been similar to the critical stages of grief: denial, pain, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Shock and denial This is typically where emotions…

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Growing bolder

Birthdays mark that we’re another year older. They can also mark another year stronger. As my birthday-meter strikes 63 this month, I am choosing stronger. Birthday fitness I share my…

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Foraging fitness

I had no idea that the wild berries I found on the edge of a forest would lead to a foraging adventure…. An unexpected treat I spied the tiny plump…

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Let’s play dirty

If I am sweaty, dirt-streaked and disheveled after a good workout, I’m happy. I like getting dirty. Fortunately, the opportunities to get muddy and messy (and have fun doing so)…

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It’s all downhill from here

Careening downhill as fast as I can go on any device is one of my favourite things to do. Racing my bike at breakneck speed down the Nordet is exhilarating….

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On the edge

Ice skating is an iconic Canadian sport. It is breathtaking in its beauty. And while I have always found it awe-inspiring to watch, I have never tied on a pair…

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