A man with a true passion for skiing

Conrad Guay passed away on October 7 at the age of 82. He was best known for his coaching career and the careers of his three sons, and his love…

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Karl Hilzinger: up for every challenge (Part one)

Watching the Paralympics last month, I was stunned and inspired by the performances of athletes from around the world. I’m going to tell you the story of an athlete who…

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Paquin & Fils (1955-2010) Souvenirs du Magasin Général

Paquin & Fils (1955-2010) Memories of a general store Ludger Paquin was born in 1900 in Escanaba, Michigan. The family came to settle in Saint-Jovite (now downtown Mont-Tremblant) in 1903….

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The dynasty that inspired our region

Yvan Taché was born in Saint-Jovite – now downtown Mont-Tremblant – in 1925 and made his first turns on the snow at Gray Rocks. My father, also from Saint-Jovite, accompanied…

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Ski clubs: a tradition for close to 100 years – Part 2

When Joe Ryan died in 1950, his wife Mary Ryan registered her own ski club. Because the competitions were being held on Mont Tremblant and the resort had access to…

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Ski clubs: a tradition for close to 100 years

The Laurentians, and more specifically the municipality of Mont-Tremblant, has had the benefit – for almost a century – of an organizational structure designed to prepare competitive alpine skiers. Even…

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The Saint-Louis family

The ancestor of the Saint-Louis family, so well known in our region, was born in Sorel. After completing his classical studies in the 1850s, Albert – for that was his…

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Gaston Gervais: he did it his way (second instalment)

After sharing with my father his discovery of a series of small lakes located not far from the Rouge River, Gaston and Charlie (my father) put together a group of…

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The Cuttle’s Tremblant Club

Cuttle. It’s a name which, for more than 30 years, was synonymous with a warm welcome, excellent food, and evenings filled with good humour. Cuttle’s Tremblant Club was owned by…

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The forgotten: Joachin Chartrand

Born August 18, 1893, Joachin Chartrand, a carter by trade, became an employee of Mont Tremblant Resort in 1947. He was immediately assigned the North Side, where he lived until…

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