The Spartans are back!

Mont-Tremblant will again host the famous Spartan Race obstacle course. The event will be held on June 17, 18 and 19 on Tremblant’s North Side and will offer – in…

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Financial education in the time of social distancing

I sincerely hope that all of you are safe, healthy and as happy as can be expected during these unprecedented times. I must admit, I have been finding it difficult…

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Getting interested in interest rates

I’m a naughty writer. I promised sales and bulk shopping strategies, but my heart wants to follow-up on last month’s bank account and interest intro. If you were looking forward to…

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Bank accounts for kids: what, when and how

Firstly, may your boots stay warm, and the powder be light and plentiful. As you may remember, we had ascertained that one of the three piggy banks – “Save” –…

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Tremblant: directions for use

Advice from a champion In December, Tremblant hosts a huge number of skier from the four corners of thiscontinent and well beyond, as well.  So…when should you ski and on…

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Three-piggy system: the new “Eat, Pray, Love”

The “3- piggy system” is basically cute kid-speak for: “Save, Spend, Charity”. Basically, instead of their allowance and all other income they may receive going into a piggy bank, it…

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Gently does it as you get back on your skis

By Erik Guay Whether in Tremblant, Europe or South America, I always start the first days of my season skiing very gently. That lets me ease into my feeling of…

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My father, a good man and good provider, spent his entire working career in the financial field yet never taught us anything about managing money. Oddly, this isn’t a unique…

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