That crystal ball

If only I had one! It would be so useful for answering most of the questions that buyers and sellers are asking right now. Should I wait a little longer…

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The power of curb appeal

 Staging is not just an inside job The exterior of a property is the first place that will be viewed by a potential buyer. Curb appeal, the overall appearance from…

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Staging vacant properties

“People don’t buy houses, they buy homes. They shop around with logic but they make an offer based on emotion.” Real estate listings are mostly occupied by the seller until…

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Improved risk management

As you accumulate financial assets, managing them becomes more complex and demands more of your time…to the point where you ask yourself if it wouldn’t be wise to give the…

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Added value from your financial advisor  

For the past two years you have received, at the beginning of the year, two separate reports from your investment firm: The performance of your portfolio for the period from…

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So…have you thought about retirement?

My column on private portfolio management is celebrating its first birthday. I want to thank the readers who follow me every month and then contact me for a second opinion…

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Demystifying fixed income securities

Since the beginning of this year, the market related to interest rates has been severely depressed. The following column should shed some light on what’s happening. For example, here’s a…

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Tremblant: New $14M investment in 2019-20

Tremblant experience keeps getting better and better A new $14.1M investment was announced to refresh Tremblant’s guest and sports experience, with $10.3M being directed at the mountain and $3.8M at…

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