Jump into winter

Winter sports demand a combination of stamina and cardio fitness as well as strength. But to really kick your season into high gear, you’ll need to add power. Plyometrics, also…

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Stabilize your core to save your knees

Knee pain and/or injury is one of the most common reasons people visit a physician or sports therapist. But research has found the key to lowering the risk of knee…

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Gently does it as you get back on your skis

By Erik Guay Whether in Tremblant, Europe or South America, I always start the first days of my season skiing very gently. That lets me ease into my feeling of…

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Your mother was right

Good posture is important A hunched back, a slow shuffling walk and chronic back, neck and joint pain. I am not describing your grandmother; I am describing today’s screen-addicted population…a…

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