The weight of breathing

As we enter a new year, the most common resolutions are to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. Can the way you breathe affect weight loss? If you answered yes,…

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A takedown for the new year

If your New Year’s resolution includes getting outside your comfort zone, step onto the jiujitsu mat. The term “jiu-jitsu” is derived from the Japanese “Ju” meaning “gentle” and “Jutsu” meaning…

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The Holiday Fitness Challenge

Fabulous festivities, scrumptious meals, family parties, and what seems like an endless parade of social events. The year-end holiday season is full of commitments to family and friends. This December,…

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Protecting your knees

The brisk air of October just begs us to spend more time mountain hiking or trail running. Taking care to protect your knees as you climb, and as you descend,…

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Injury as opportunity

Amissed grip on an overhead obstacle at the Spartan Race in June was all it took. I ripped the biceps muscle in my right arm from the bone. Unfortunately, injury…

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Active for life

One of the pleasures of a thirty-plus-year career as a kinesiologist has been working with young athletes. As residents of a community filled with young athletes ripe with potential, it…

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Growing bolder

Birthdays mark that we’re another year older. They can also mark another year stronger. As my birthday-meter strikes 63 this month, I am choosing stronger. Birthday fitness I share my…

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Tee up your fitness

As the weather warms and spring approaches, golfers are eager to dust off their clubs and get back on the course. To make sure your golf game is more about…

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Exploring “Reduced High Intensity Training”

You have probably heard of High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. It is a traditional training protocol of about thirty minutes and is performed at very high intensity, with recovery…

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Ask yourself why

What’s your “why”? What drives you to want to change? To move better? To work out? To get healthy? After three decades as a kinesiologist and strength and conditioning coach,…

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