The law of motion

As we shed our winter gear and tie-on running shoes, let’s talk physics. Then, let’s talk running. Newton’s Third Law of Motion sums up why we need to prepare before…

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Fitness is not a fad

Thirty years ago, I was a freshly certified strength and conditioning coach. Pumped and primed, I landed my first job in the fitness industry. The weight room at the YMCA…

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Jumping into Fitness

In a year that was way too full of things we had to take seriously, jumping rope was not one of them. I love to jump rope. It makes me…

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Accepting change

Stay fit for life, not a finish line Cabin fever can be added to the list of current contagious infections. Our time spent indoors in self-isolation and practicing safe social…

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Stay fit at home

Exercise and physical activity reduce stress. And if ever there was a time we need to reduce stress… it is now. Although your favorite exercise class, gym or training centre…

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Developing Functional Strength

 Lower body strength is crucial for everyone, not just athletes. The foundational muscle groups in your hips, butt and legs are responsible for stabilizing your entire body. By strengthening your…

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 Paddle Your Way To Fun & Fitness

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun activity that most anyone can, it’s a great way to connect with nature – and it can be a terrific workout that will…

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Inside the limits of human endurance

What the mind believes, the body achieves The final few kilometers of a triathlon. Two athletes are neck in next in the battle to break the finish line tape. Over…

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The secret to fat burning

If you have a weight loss goal for the New Year, add a new word to your vocabulary: mitochondria – a scientifically proven component of torching fat. What Are Mitochondria?…

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Should you stretch before or after a workout? 

Stretching before and/or after a workout is fairly common practice. But, should you? There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the question of stretching – and it turns out…

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